The Javan Rhino is perhaps the rarest large mammal on earth. Only 60 individuals are currently surviving in a national park at Java, Indonesia. The rhino has a dusky grey body with loose skin folds that appear to resemble armor. And it wields a single horn, which it uses to scrape mud and pull plants. However, the horn it is characterized by is a double-edged sword — poachers have driven the species nearly extinct to obtain the very same horn that the rhino uses to survive. Habitat loss, and a lack of genetic diversity, which makes them more vulnerable to disease and inbreeding, also hinder the Javan Rhino's recovery.


Despite the fact that the Javan Rhinoceros is a physically tough creature with its armor-like skin, it is still the most threatened rhino species in the world. Our depiction of it in blue chrome foil represents the rhino’s fluid situation. Its status as critically endangered is subject to change — the population may recover, but can just as easily disappear.The Javan Rhino is evidence that nature is not indestructible and the exploitation of nature can carry substantial consequences.


  •  Javan Rhinoceros in blue chrome foil on front
  • 50/50 cotton/poly blend


(Packaging made from 100% recycled plastic and 100% recycled paper)