The Amur Leopard lives in the forests between China and Russia. The leopards wears a distinctly thick coat of fur, which protects it from its snowy habitat. Its beautiful, warm fur however, also plays into its downfall - poachers mercilessly hunt the leopards for their pelts, which fetch a high price on the black market. In addition, the unrelentless slaughter of its prey means the leopard also faces food scarcity. There are now fewer than 60 Amur Leopards in the wild.


The Amur Leopard’s vigilant posture in our graphic is in response to the great number of direct and indirect attacks it has experienced. Its red outline symbolizes the bloodshed of not just the leopards slain at the hands of poachers, but that of its prey, like deers and hares, as well. The Amur Leopard should serve as an indication that species all across the globe are suffering from the ramifications of human actions, intentional or not. The near extinction of this species should emphasize the weight of human action, ultimately, bringing attention to the fact that the consciousness of our impacts on the world arises individually.


  •  Amur Leopard printed on front in red chrome foil
  • 100% cotton


(Packaging made from 100% recycled plastic and 100% recycled paper)